Body of Sound | scoolpt

Body of Sound

Authors: David Síla / Kryštof Vitner
concrete – 3D print

Sound accompanies us at every step. If all sounds were tangible, there would be no room left for us. The sculpture “Body of Sound” in an exaggerated scale shows what such a sci-fi scene might look like. The aim of the project is to highlight the power of sound around us and give it some physical space. As musicians, the theme of sound was a natural choice for us. The shape of the sculpture mimics the 2D shape of a sound track we recorded and mixed. The recording is a compilation of several sound tracks recorded in České Budějovice. It blends the sounds of street artists, the opening of local house doors, the murmuring of weirs, and the audio signal of a green light at a traffic light. The local sculptural-architectural studio Scoolpt contributed to the creation of the sculpture, helping us transform the subtle sounds of the city into an approximately one-ton-and-two-hundred-kilo concrete mass using 3D printing technology. The material’s weight aptly underscores the stark contrast between the intangible and the tangible.