A dream of nearly every sculptor is to create a sculpture which can be entered. Living sculptures interconnect the originality of graphic work with the function of architecture. Inspiration comes out of organic architecture which is influenced by nature and based on an emotional perception of the world. Current architecture is often too cold. Strict geometric shapes processed in minimalist detail and materials such as steel, concrete, or glass needn´t always be the ideal for a pleasant living space. Curves and organic shapes incorporating natural material can be more empathic for a human´s soul than right angles and planar walls. Living sculptures are objects built employing sculptural procedures in a scale that enables entering and using them. The idea of living sculptures aims to bring interesting and beautiful architecture not only to family houses but also to business centres or warehouses. It focuses on respecting the site and surrounding countryside, because the context and connections are as important as the project itself.

Iceland beer spa | scoolpt

Iceland beer spa

Tulip - garden house | scoolpt

Tulip – garden house

House of the Future | Scoolpt

Ryhan Flower – house of the future competition 2023

Eon charging station | scoolpt

Eon charging station


Dentist surgery | scoolpt

Dentist surgery

Eye over Budweis

Design of the city office for Lázně Bělohrad

Hotel Alpen Heart

Coffee bar and gallery Mariánská